Produk Kami

X-DA Series - High Digital Power Amplifier

X-DA series high efficiency power amplifier is built upon the leading concepts and latest technologies to offer you flexible choices for different applications. The more compact, more stable, more enjoyable and more economical design..

MI-PTSE - Optical Thermal Multisensor

The MI-PTSE multi sensor combines optical smoke detection, heat detection and microprocessor control with analogue addressable communications. For smoke detection the MI-PTSE incorporates an improved sensing chamber..

FL/MCP/MMF301 - Call Point Analogue Module

FL/MCP/MMF301 without an integral isolator is a call point designed to provide a manual alarm interface to a Firelite's fire alarm control panel. Installation efficiency and flexibility is offered at the heart of the call point range.

SSM/SSV Series - Alarm Bells

System Sensor’s SSM and SSV series alarm bells are low current, high decibel notification appliances for use in fire and burglary systems or other signaling applications.The SSM and SSV series provide loud resonant tones..

WFD Series Waterflow Detector

The System Sensor WFD series is compatible with schedule 10 through 40 steel pipe, sizes 2˝ through 8˝, and can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position. The WFD series is designed to simplify installation. Two conduit openings permit easy..